Summary: This article was written and published  Aug. ’14. So often Christians will use a limited and incomplete understanding of certain passages of scripture to make grand presumptions about what God will do or what “the church” will accomplish for God in work or service or public testimony. Never would I question the commitment and love for God of those who make such claims – their sincerity is genuine. But sincerity doesn’t keep one from error and misapprehensions. We must comprehend the present state and condition of Christendom around us, and that this condition means that God’s instructions for believers, in the midst of this state, have changed from the days of Pentecost and the beginning of the Christian dispensation. If God’s testimony is that the professing church is corrupt and spiritually dead, and we deny the reality of this condition, then we do not believe the testimony of God. All real genuine faith for believers can only be based on the testimony of God. Where are we, and what condition are we in, when we refuse to believe God’s testimony? We will be only acting in presumption, and not in faith. This article gives a great example of what I believe is grand presumption by many Protestant leaders – that God will cause the church to rise up strong and win America to Christ. They do not consider the present condition of the professing church, and that God Himself knows and testifies it will not improve.


The answer to this question is easy if the believer is grounded in the understanding of biblical principles and has some familiarity with God’s plan and counsels. The answer to the question is no, the church will not accomplish such a vision of grandeur. Not only this, but Christendom is corrupt and dead; it cannot and will not save itself, let alone the unbelieving world.

The first understanding we must have is that America is the world. It is no different than all the biblical descriptions of the world. Then what is the world? It is what has developed as a system after man had departed from God and was chased out of the paradise in which he was placed in innocence. It is the system that man built as fallen and away from God; a system over which Satan is both god and prince. Man has certainly built a city, in the place where God had declared him a vagabond (Gen. 4:14-17). In whatever man built, and in all his pleasures and entertainment, in the world he was without God.

In America you have all the things that the Scriptures teach will be found in the world – the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life (I John 2:16). If we were restricted to three words to accurately describe these phrases, it would be sex, money, and power. But why restrict ourselves when there are many sub-categories to list that would give us a better overall picture?