The Christian looks at our world today and has to ask this question.  Morality, it seems, has been turned upside down.  There is a very clear intentional push in America to transition away from the Judeo-Christian values of our Founding Fathers to values held by the progressive left.  Things that were just recently considered extreme or taboo in society are now fully accepted and, in some cases, encouraged.  We’re being told that anyone can choose to be any gender they wish. Politicians refuse to define what a woman is.  Children are being told they can choose to be any gender, and that sexual preference for the same sex is not only accepted but encouraged.  Parent’s rights over their children are being challenged by governmental authorities.  Race and color have become the most important characteristic of any person, and greatly define an individual’s rights and privileges in society.  Identity, rather than character and behavior, defines everything about a person and how they should be perceived and treated by society.   Sermons at churches are full of the politics of the day, steeped in activism and political influence, advocating LGBTQ+, abortion, gender fluidity and other progressive values.  Church attendance is at an all-time low.  People, especially the young, are leaving Christianity at a rate like never before.


Where is God?  Why does He allow America and the world to decay morally? Can we expect to see better days, calmer times with less arguing and conflict? Will Christendom see revival and influence the world to change?  Is this just an aberration in history that God will soon correct?  Certainly, He won’t allow things to get worse?


As always, we look to God’s Word for guidance and explanation, because He doesn’t leave us in the dark; He has already given us these answers.


What does scripture say about the world?  It is what man manufactured for his own comfort and enjoyment after he disobeyed God and was kicked out of paradise.  The world is what man built when he was separated from God.  It is important for Christians to understand how God views the world.  God sent His son into the world He created, and it killed Him.  We like to romanticize this world, but the reality is that Satan is the god of this world.  We especially like to prop-up America; some call it a “Christian nation.”  Many believe America will experience a moral revival that will change this country and bring changes to the world.  Wonderful thought, but nowhere will you find this in God’s word.  The world is not the Christian’s home for a reason.  The world has been judged, its fate sealed, and nothing can change its future.


So, what are we as believers supposed to do?  How are we to act and live in a world that is slowly decaying and growing in a manner that opposes everything we believe?  What does God expect us to do?


Christians are told to separate themselves from this world.  We are told to expect tribulation and persecution.  When all of society opposes your values and beliefs, isn’t that a form of persecution?  We are told to “love not the world nor the things in the world.”  Many Christian leaders talk about changing the world, making it better by turning it toward Christianity.  They may have good intentions, but this is foolishness and totally unscriptural.  The world will not get better; the world will continue to get worse.  Contrary to what many Christians believe, it is not our responsibility or our calling to change the world.  If the Son of God couldn’t change the world when He was here, how can we?


Will Christendom experience revival? Will she rise up to win America? Just as Judaism failed miserably in its appointed day, Christendom, the corporate body representing Christianity in the world today, has also failed.  Christendom is not the same thing as the true church, the body of Christ.   There is a vast difference between the corporate body representing Christianity in the world and the church that Christ builds.  This is explained in detail in articles on our website.  The future of Christendom is judgment, and an abrupt end.  The future of the body of Christ is much brighter, thanks to the grace of God and Jesus Christ.


Our responsibility as believers today is represented by what Jesus told the church of Philadelphia in the Book of Revelation: “keep my word, do not deny my name, and wait patiently for my return”.  It is not our duty to change what is happening in the world.  Our responsibility is to keep His word, follow Him, behave as He behaved when He was here showing us the way.  We live in a world of sin; He doesn’t ask us to be perfect; He knows what it’s like to live here.  He asks us to do our best to walk as He walked.  And, to be constantly expecting His coming (for us).  Looking at this world today, it’s hard to imagine He isn’t coming soon. 


So, what in the world is going on?  Nothing that we shouldn’t expect to be happening.  In fact, if anything the decay of this world signals to Christians that the time is near for Christ to return for his Church, the true blessed hope for all Christians.


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