Jesus Christ – Messiah and the Son of Man. These two titles, found uniquely in God’s counsels, show forth all the working of God for the accomplishing of His eternal purpose and glory; that purpose being, the gathering together of all things, both in heaven and on earth – in Christ (Eph. 1:9-10).

It is my hope that you will find, as you read through the pages of this book, that this is truth from God, inspired by enlightenment from the Holy Spirit, and not representative of the doctrinal systems of men. It is an explanation of the counsels of God that are and will be carried out according to His purpose and will, and all for the exaltation of His glory.

In this book you will learn important Biblical principles and truths, such as, how God truly views man, and how man was fully tested by God in responsibility and failed. We will discover what it means to God that Israel was chosen and separated by Him, and why God sends a Messiah to this nation twice, and how He remains faithful to the Jews, as Jehovah, to fulfill all His promises to them. In this testing of man, and Israel as privileged of God representing man, is the understanding of the real reasons God had for the giving of the law to the Jews, and simply, once given, leaving it there with them.

Also then we will see that the Son of Man came for one purpose, the suffering of death. The absolute glorifying of God is accomplished in the redemptive work of this Man, and results in God exalting Him to His right hand in glory. God kept a mystery from His Jewish prophets that He now, by the sending down of His Spirit, reveals through a specially chosen instrument of His glory (Eph. 3:1-5). The believer’s place and position in Christ is fully developed and explained, especially in our association and relationship to this glory, the very glory of God. The Son of Man glorified, has entered into the glory on our behalf. Believers are placed in this position by faith, and we possess the knowledge and power of it by the Holy Spirit given to us.

If you take this book and study, have a good bible translation by your side. Most of the quoted scriptures in the book are out of the New King James bible (NKJV).   But there are many scriptures listed, not quoted, that you will need to look into, yourself. And always pray, asking that the eyes of your understanding be opened to the things of God. It is the mind and thoughts of God that the believer should be seeking.

This is my humble task on your behalf, as given to me by God and directed by the Spirit of truth, that all believing readers may begin to see and understand with me the very counsels of God. May the Father of glory, in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ, enlighten you by His Spirit and bless you in your efforts to study and understand.