Facts are facts; fewer and fewer people are attending a Church or identifying with Christianity in today’s world.  Will a revival take place?  If Christianity is true, if God is on His throne and Christ is seated at His right hand, surely, we can expect to see worldwide revival, where morality and good overcomes all the evil.

Many Christians believe this will happen and many pastors teach it.  In reality, the Bible is very clear on this; a revival of any significant scope will not come.  In fact, this world will continue to grow in immorality and depravity.  The church world, represented by the many denominations and examples of Christendom, will continue to fail, and any new appearances of revival will quickly fizzle out as fast as they started.

Christianity under man’s responsibility (Christendom) has failed miserably and one need not look far in this world to see the results of this.  True Christianity, the absolute commitment of following Christ, will never fail.  The Word of God makes the failure of Christendom very clear, and we are seeing this in the world today.  Fortunately, for those “who have ears to hear”, God’s Word also makes very clear the future of all true Christians and what we should be doing now and how we should be living in a broken world that is not our home.

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