How could we say such a thing?  Doesn’t the Bible tell us the church will never fail, that the gates of hell can’t even prevail against it. Yet when we look around we see corruption everywhere.  Modern day church leaders involved in immorality; ministers looking for bigger and better paying churches; political leaders, espousing to be Christians, endorsing policies that are clearly in opposition to God’s Word.


We see greatly reduced church attendance today and young people completely uninterested in Christianity.  Marriage has become optional, divorce is routine, addiction common, and the acceptance of all “lifestyles” mandatory; and this is within the”church “.  Clearly, there is a strong move away from Christian principles and what we’ve understood as morality.


Do we think this surprises God?  Hardly. The ruin of the corporate body that claims to represent Christianity in this world is foretold very clearly in the bible.  Does this surprise you?  We doubt you’ve heard many sermons on this.  Most church leaders today are incapable of discerning the times.


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