Too often, men take parts of God’s Word and make broad statements of doctrine from them. They take a verse and make it a Christian truth. This is a common mistake that easily leads people in the wrong direction. As the saying goes, they “can’t see the forest for the trees”.  It is the understanding of the bigger picture that best serves to ground us in the truth. Without this broader understanding, the minute details of Scripture are too easily manipulated by human thought and reasoning. All too often, men focus on individual Bible verses or single statements and examples to arrive at conclusions that are simply not in line with the overall plan of Scripture.  We put our faith in others, and we naively trust what Church “leaders” or Christian authors tell us the Bible is saying.  Unknowingly, we set aside any possibility of the Spirit of God becoming our real teacher, and with this the potential of receiving divine truth and instruction. How does the Christian believer possess the mind of Christ? How can we possibly know the things given to Jesus by the Father, except we truly humble ourselves to be taught by the Holy Spirit (John 16:13-15)?


What every Christian needs to gain first is a sound confidence of their salvation/redemption in Jesus Christ. Once the reality that your sins are forgiven and forever gone is settled in your conscience, there isn’t a more important bible topic for you to gain knowledge of than the counsels of God – the final endpoint and eternal destiny of all people and all things as determined by the will and purpose of God.  Yes, this is contained in God’s Word and He absolutely wants you to know it.


How do we accomplish this task, gaining knowledge of God’s big picture? There are biblical principles that God brought forth long ago in His word that help the believer to better grasp the eternal plan of God. Many of these principles are taught and explained in the articles on this website. They are broad biblical truths that will enable any child of God to better understand God’s word and His counsels. They are essential truths that will help every Christian rightly divide the word of truth.


 There are numerous principles to learn: the fallen condition of man with its results and consequences; why it’s so important to understand biblical “dispensations” and how they help us see the big picture; the biblical principle of creature responsibility; the corporate calling of both Israel and the church, and their obvious and significant differences; Christian hope and the principle of imminence; the glory of God as the purposed end of everything.


 There are many other biblical principles that will help you focus on proper context and meaning; it is the big picture you are after; it is seeing the forest, and not just the trees.  Are you ready to begin your journey?  Start by exploring the articles linked below: