It can be seen in Scripture that the church which God builds (Matt.16:18) is not the same as that which man builds. What man has built as his own work in the world is Christendom – all that professes the name of Jesus Christ. All Christendom, together as one body, has responsibility before God for His present testimony in the world during the Christian dispensation. It’s candlestick, representing the light of this testimony for the glory of God through Jesus Christ, has been dimming from the early times of the dispensation. God Himself testifies in His word that Christendom has failed, and He will bring in judgment of it to end the Christian dispensation.

Below we present the evidence from God’s word of this controversial issue, the corruption that exists in Christianity today, and the need for every true Christian to be aware of it. To this end we have dedicated the writing of an entire book, The Corruption and Death of Christendom. Below we give a link to the preface of the book. If any believer wants a comprehensive study of what Scripture has to say on this important subject, we encourage you to buy the book:

Chapter 3 – The Outward Professing Body

Preface – The Corruption and Death of Christendom

Chapter Thirteen – The Church and Christendom – What is the Difference?

Chapter 19 – What in the World are we to do?