Israel has an earthly calling from God to be brought into the Promised Land and possess it eternally as an inheritance. Although sanctioned by God, Judaism is a religion of the world because it is a walk by sight and physical senses much like all the other man-made religions practiced in the world. Judaism is the practice of God’s law and the keeping of the covenant God made with them at Mt. Sinai. The law of Moses given to Israel also represented God’s direct government of His chosen people. If they kept God’s covenant, the Jews would receive physical, temporal blessings from God – it would make the Jews fruitful and prosperous above measure, multiply them in numbers, and exalt Israel as the greatest nation on the earth. When these things eventually happen (in the future millennium), God will have fulfilled Israel’s calling. One can easily see that all these descriptions, events, and blessings are earthly in character and that as a people, the Jews are an intimate part of the world.

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